Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Budget success

The New Visions contract awards are provided by the New Mexico Filmmakers Program of the state film office. The program is open to all filmmakers in the state.

There were seven awards in 2010 to New Visions/New Mexico winners – those with asterisks (*) are also winners of the 2010 Panavision camera package:

Peter Kershaw - What?($20,000 award)* So, we also gained the $10,000 Panavision package award.

This means, we can now focus on raising money for post-production and that WHAT? will go ahead and into production in 2011 as planned. This success was made possible thanks to those whom have and will be supporting us as donors without whom, we couldn't have demonstrated support - thank you on behalf of the cast & crew and future audiences for helping to make this potential, an actual. Your support made a difference.