Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blogs to visit

You can follow various projects I'm associated with at: - click on the flashing blog for recent updates & news.

The Official Last Coiner Movie Blog - for developments on the Coiners Feature.

The Astronomer's Sun -
Blog for 2010 to follow this animation. - Blog this production history. - for this innovative site.

The Last Coiner - to learn more about the graphic art novel behind the current Coiner Movie.

The drama - Cinema of Horror - will be appearing on the Duchy site and also reviewed in distribution on this site.

Happy blogging!!!

So! that's what he's been doing!!!! Click play to find out!

Let me introduce myself....... a few clips from some fun productions.

Thanks to all the crews, musicians, editors, animators, and actors who collaborated and made the fun possible. Thanks Darren for making this cut.

Peter M. Kershaw, filmmaker

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet is now available to view at -