Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Success in New York

The Astronomer's Sun is to play this summer's Animation Block Party 2010 in New York.

ABP just announced their program for July 30th to August 1st summer
film festival at Rooftop Films and Bam Cinematek

To see the entire schedule:

ABP received 518 entries in 2010 and will feature just 90.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

LA Film Festival 2010

Spent two excellent days at the symposium on film

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I chose New Mexico, USA pt.2 - Insight

This week I attended a New Mexico weekend workshop on film finance and distribution.

So for my second inside insight - or - what I've learned, lets begin at the end - distribution!

I would suggest worth a look for any serious independent filmmaker - http://www.thefilmcollaborative.com/

For an annual fee (I think about 350 dollars) you can have complete access to advice on film distribution - aimed really at Indie Features this seems a real resource.

I haven't used them yet so would stress I'm not endorsing them, it is a resource worth a look but, up to the individual to decide if it fits a need and provides a solution. I merely bring to your attention as a useful organisation filling a need.

What they say about themselves:
The film collaborative is the first non profit full service provider dedicated to the distribution of Independent Film including narrative features, documentaries and shorts.

Check out and I hope you find useful.

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Press Release


Follow the link to read a the latest review of our film - The Astronomer's Sun.

Catch it in competition in Edinburgh.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I chose New Mexico, USA pt.1 - In the beginning!

Welcome to a new element on the Duchy blog, 'I chose New Mexico, USA'

More than a diary, the premise behind this segment - an involving series of posts - is a look at filmmaking in the US if you're an 'outsider'.

What do we have - we have one filmmaker from the UK more used to the European world landed in New Mexico - a totally alien world with zero idea on who, what, where, how the industry works here.

What I'm hoping to do is track whether my own journey is successful but also offer insights in to what I find along the way. Stuff that may be a 'resource' or of use to my fellow filmmakers overseas and offer a different perspective to the new filmmaking community here in the US, of which I'm looking to become a part. A chance to see their own business through other eyes as so far it all seems very disconnected compared to my previous experience.

Hopefully, it will be a fun insight to the success and failure of my own adventure while providing a useful set of contacts/resources for those interested in independent filmmaking or interested in the American experience - at least, from one person's journey through that. A resource I would find useful to have as I start out!

No two directors are alike and no two filmmakers would do or follow the exact same path - or, so they say - so my choices may be what or differ entirely from your own approach, but hey!, that's the beauty it is like a game of chance so let's see what unfolds.

So become a 'follower' and add the blog to your network and let's see what tid-bits, contacts, companies, individuals and discoveries I can share with you and ultimately if it all works out or not.

Welcome to the journey!

Peter Kershaw
June 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Distribution success

The animation drama The Astronomer's Sun is currently running at a 47% success rate on festival submissions. This is an amazing distribution take-up where you expect 1 in 10 to be the norm for a good film.
A big pat on the back to my fellow producer at Duchy, David Bunting for keeping those targeted submissions riding. You can follow more as we reveal the latest festival screens on our special site - http://www.astronomerssun.com/

There are currently 2 buyers who wish to distribute the film which to date is being paid to reach the world by Duchy's producers David Bunting and Peter M. Kershaw.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More official film festival selection success for Duchy

The Astronomer's Sun hits Scotland.
Catch it while you can!

More official film festival selection success for Duchy

If in London see The Astronomer's Sun in official selection in RUSHES film fest.
Produced by Duchy