Monday, September 26, 2011

Filming at SFCC

A big thanks to all the actors that took part in the scenes from the movies exercises that took place at SFCC weekend of Sept. 17th - it was a great time and some fun filmmaking.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Screening in Rail yard

The Astronomer's Sun will be playing following the Kimya concert at 6P on the Railyard Water Tower Plaza, Santa Fe. The screening program follows in Railyard Park at 8:15P this Friday, Sept. 23rd. The screening is part of the Santa Fe Film Festival in association with Heath Concerts and the Railyard Community Corporation and is a free community event in the Railyard to kick off the 2011 'festival season'.

20 WAYS now on IMDB

20 Ways (2011)
Directed by Peter Kershaw. With Christopher Dempsey, Joe Feldman, Liliana Ashman, Kathryn Phipps, Omar Lux. A comic satire 20 WAYS explores the absurd humor of an article by an Oklahoma lawyer that proposed twenty ways to spot an illegal. An entertaining, intelligent look at immigration using humor to explore this contemporary tale. Check out in IMDB.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

End of August thought

Thought for the day – Monday August 29th 2011

Casting - don’t cast solely by looks.

Don’t assume at the audition that someone who looks perfect for the role will be perfect.

Often the best casting choices are against type.

Don’t necessarily reject an actor because of a bad reading. Try directing them and see how they adjust. The auditioner’s reaction during an audition is part of the audition.

Remember - actors are people too - treat them with respect.

More filmmaking thoughts

August 27th 2011 – thought for the day

Create memorable entrances
Your protagonist’s character, style, and behavior must be distinctive from the moment we first lay eyes on them. This is how the audience will first judge their character.

Show don’t tell
Visual cues demonstrate the unseen the inner psychology, hidden histories, and emotional conflicts.

Teaching FC3 at SFCC